Dispensing Pump

The Technical Cooperation between APEX with the experienced pump technologies from various applications and SEC which has 30 years know-how in same fields, is making perfect dispensing Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)

PCP Advantages for dispensing works

· Micro fine volumetric dispensing
· Operating, regardless of low & high viscosity
· No pulsation
· Keeping the constant discharge pressure without any discharge valve
· No end-lumps by suck back control
· Easy changeable dispensing volume
· Easy Cleaning work

The features of APEX Dispensing Pump

· Three options available of high quality stator’s material of Hi-pro, Hi-per, and Hi-act
· Wide range of 14 pump sizes
· Triple arranged sealing
· Double bearing construction
· Keeping the accuracy volume : ± 1%



       F Series with BLDC Motor
F Series with Stepping or Servo Motor
                    L Series
                    T Series

Catalog Download

APEX Dispensing Pump Catalog [DOWNLOAD]