Apex Fine [F] Series

With Stepping or Servo Motor

Our Apex Fine (F) Series is real fine dispensing pumps with very small volume and performing doing good works by the genuine functions of Progressive cavity Pump, used for from manual works to full automatic operation.
Especially our stators are keeping very fine tolerance when molding and matching its rotor perfectly.
That way our pumps can keep the repeat fine accuracy and enable to execute precise dispensing works.


Bonding, Optical Bonding, Glob Top Potting, Under Filling, Micro Dispensing, Encapsulation, Dan & Fill, Conformal Coating, etc


Electronic, E-Mobility, Automobile, Aerospace, pharmaceutical, LED/LCD/OLED Lighting, Medical, Biotechnology, Cosmetic, Food, 3D Printing, Solar, Battery, General Industries etc.

Specifications of F Series

Dispensing Volume : 0.015 ~ 1.7 cc/rev
Discharge Pressure : 20 Bar
Dosing Accuracy : ±1%
Max. RPM : 120
Material : Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Stator Material : Hi-pro, Hi-act, Hi-per
Sealing : Triple arranged Special Seals